World of Warcraft: Shadowlands check time in your region

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image Credit : NDTV Gadget 360

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was initially planned to dispatch on October 27 however was delayed until November 23 to give the advancement group some additional chance to clean and adjust the experience. Since day is practically here!

In the event that you can hardly wait to travel into the domains of the dead and battle against the danger of the Jailer and Sylvanas Windrunner, you’ll need to be signed in at dispatch time. The game will dispatch all the while in most significant business sectors around the globe, which implies that the time will depend dependent on your area. We’ve assembled a convenient rundown:

3 p.m. PST November 23 (Los Angeles)
6 p.m. EST November 23 (New York)
8 p.m. BRT November 23 (Sao Paulo)
11 p.m. GMT November 23 (London)
12 a.m. CET November 24 (Paris)
1 a.m. SAST November 24 (Cape Town)
2 a.m. TRT November 24 (Ankara)
2 a.m. MSK November 24 (Moscow)
3 a.m. GST November 24 (Abu Dhabi)
7 a.m. CST November 24 (Taipei)
8 a.m. KST November 24 (Seoul)
10 a.m. AEDT November 24 (Sydney)

We’re eager to find the opportunity to play through all the new substance. Return here soon for our Shadowlands audit. Source Windows Central