Why does a Baby cry when it is born?

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The answer is going to surprise you….

      Baby crying at the time of birth is a sign of babies well being. That is the only time mom feel very happy to hear our cry…. but we know the actual fact why the baby cries a lot for the time of delivery?

       Most of the babies start crying after a moment of birth. All we have their one perceptions about the reasons behind the fact. Because a baby can’t tell why it is crying ….. most of us generally thinking sudden detachment from the mother makes baby cry ….. it may a reason …. but actually science gives an another valuable reason. That is not known by everyone…

     A Baby is growing almost 40 weeks in the mother’s womb. But may’ be two weeks before it got full matured and ready to come out .  during that period  it has grown stage by stage. In the first four weeks  lungs starts to grow and become fully mature on the time of ninth month only that is 37 -39 weeks.  And start functioning after the delivery. Then only it is ready to breath independently. When the baby is in the mother’s Tummy its breath through mom’s umbilical cord. 

    At the time of Birth, the Baby breaths for the first time. Its lungs stretches out and dilate to fill up with air in one single movement. This hurts the most and that’s why  the baby cries out. Inside the mother’s tummy it lived in a liquid environment and had no contact with air. 

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