Ubisoft will keep as stable price for coming Gen Game

The cost of games have increased over the years. Right now, the cost most can expect to triple The titles are $60, however, many companies such as 2K have increased those prices to $70 for games suitable for next-gen consoles like Sony’s PS5 and the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Series X.

This has been recommended that other programmers and publishers follows suit in the future, however the good news is that Ubisoft won’t, at least for the time-being where the company has expressed that they will be maintaining the $60 price label for its next-gen titles. This is based on Ubisoft employer Yves Guillemot who was quoted as saying, “We plan to come with the same price because the previous era of consoles. ”

Now before you get too thrilled, it seems that this could be temporary. In a statement that explains Guillemot’s words, Ubisoft said, “As we said earlier, for the $60 price we are really concentrating on the Christmas releases and we are determined that those games will be announced at $60. ”

Which means that it is possible that come 2021, Ubisoft will be raising the cost of the games as well to the $70 mark. We are unsure when that may happen but get your wallets ready.

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