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            The great poets Alfred and lord Tennyson the leading literary figures of the Victorian era was born in Somersby, Lincolnshire, englad on 1809.

             The war against Russia was declared by Austria – hungary and the war against germany was declared by Serbia in 1945

             During second world war (1945) the American bomber Enola gay dropped an atomic bomb for the first time on Hiroshima, in result of that one lakh forty thousand were died in japan.    

             The voting rights act was signed by the US president  Lyndon B.Johnson on 1965. 

             In 1991 the world wide web give its great public debut as a means of  accessing  webpages  over the internet.


              The Surendranath banarji most known as one of the founder of modern india passed away in 1925.

              The impact of  small pox pendamic and its vaccination needs are  makes scientist to worried about the modern generation immunity levels. In 2002 they said the terrorist attack may possible using small pox virus


         In 2012 NASA’s robotic vehicle called curiosity was landed on mars and soon it starts transmitting the images  of   plenets surface.

         William Coolidge obtained a patend for CRT ( cathode ray tube ) . it is a critical part for TV and other electronic applications.


            In 1926, Gertrude Ederle age nineteen from Newyork  become the first woman to swim the English channel, breaking the men’s record by nearly two hours.

         A new world record for 1500 mtr running by Jack  lovelock of New Zealand and won gold medal from   berlin Olympics.

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