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Things to Remember On

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Shakespheare’s  tragedy  Macbeth, performed  in the  great hall for the first time in the Hampton court palace for king James.

2,90,600   acres   of   Mendocino  fire  has  become  the   californias   largest  recorded  fire .  it happened in  2018   and   it  beats  the  record  of  2017  Thomas  fire.


On  this  day   1905   the  swadeshi  momement  was  launched.  The  movement  implement  to  tell about  the    importance    of   using  domestic  products   and  their   production.

A great literary figure and well known Rabindranath Tagore was died on this day in 1941. He won the nobel prize in literature in 1913 for his great debute geetanjali. He was an author, a poet, a painter and a social reformer. He had a huge impact on Indian literature and to be read.

This   day  is  celebrated  as   national   handloom  day  in  india  from  2015. 


Walter Johnson who was the legendary pitches of Washington senators won for the first time of his 416 career (MLB pitcher)  7-2 cleveland

1st athletics   world   championship   open  in   Helsinki   finland  in  1983.


The  first   program   controlled  calculator  was   given by IBM  in 1944.   Thats   the  automatic  sequence  controlled  calculator  .   it is  known as  best as  the  harward  mark  I.

Apollo   15  returns  to  the   earth   on   1971  which was  nineth  mission crewed  in  united  states  .  it is the longer stayed  and  greater   focus  on  science  than  earlier  ones   landings  of  J Mission.  Which  is operated  by   NASA.    And  landed  on  North   pacific   ocean.