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Things to Remember On Sept 30

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1555 – Bishop of Oxford Nicholas Ridley sentenced to death as a heretic

1619 – Remonstrant Society forms in Antwerp

1626 – Battle between King Bethlen Gabor & Earl Mansfeld-Wallenstein ends

1649 – Last Swedish troops vacate Prague

1659 – Robinson Crusoe is shipwrecked (according to Daniel Defoe)

1681 – Netherlands & Sweden sign treaty

1730 – Duke Victor Amadeus XI of Savoye resigns

1862 – First Battle of Newtonia (American Civil War), Newton County, Missouri

1867 – Midway Islands formally declared a US possession

1878 – 1st Portuguese immigrants arrive in Hawaii

1906 – Real Academia Galega, Galician language biggest linguistic authority starts working in Havana.

1939 – Britain first evacuates citizens in anticipation of war.

1950 – 1st congress of International Astronautical Federation opens in Paris

1960 – West Germany signs trade agreement with East Germany

1967 – BBC starts its own popular music radio station (Radio 1)

1970 – New American Bible published

1980 – Ethernet specifications published by Xerox working with Intel and Digital Equipment Corporation.

1993 – 6.4 earthquake at Latur, India, 28,000 killed

1999 – Japan’s worst nuclear accident at a uranium reprocessing facility in Tōkai-mura, northeast of Tokyo.

2006 – the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Constitutional Act that proclaimed the new Constitution of Serbia.

2019 – 315 billion-tonne iceberg named D28 calves from Amery ice shelf, Antarctica


1787 – 1st US voyage around the world – Columbia leaves Boston

1841 – Samuel Slocum patented the stapler

1846 – Anesthetic ether used for 1st time by American dentist Dr William Morton who extracts a tooth

1929 – 1st manned rocket plane flight (by auto maker Fritz von Opel)

1949 – American chemist Percy L. Julian at the Glidden Company announces an improved method for producing cortisone

1988 – IBM announces shipment of 3 million PS/2 personal computer

1989 – NASA closes down tracking stations in Hawaii & Ascension

1994 – Space shuttle STS-68 (Endeavour 7), launches into orbit

1997 – Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 4


1882 – British Open Men’s Golf, St Andrews: Bob Ferguson wins third consecutive Open title; beats fellow Scot Willie Fernie by 3 strokes

1973 – Mel Gray begins NFL streak of 121 consecutive game receptions

1978 – Major Indoor Soccer League grants 1st 6 franchises to Cincinnati

1981 – International Olympic Committee votes to award Seoul, South Korea as host of the 1988 Summer Olympic Games

1982 – 12th Commonwealth Games open in Brisbane, Australia

2018 – Ryder Cup Golf, Le Golf National: Europe regains Cup with 17½–10½ win over the US; Italian Francesco Molinari wins all 5 matches; Sergio Garcia becomes biggest point scorer in event history with 25½

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