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Things to Remember On Sept 29

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1567 –  War of Religion breaks out in France – Huguenots try to kidnap King Charles IX

1608 – Captain Newport arrives from England with supplies for colonists

1789 – US War Department established a regular army

1815 – King Willem I forms Dutch Order of the Lion

1849 – 1st passenger train service to Peekskill, New York (New Haven Railroad)

1875 – US-Spanish relations decline in wake of Cuban rebellion

1898 – French troops reach Guinea & Sudan, Samori caught

1907 – Construction begins on Washington National Cathedral

1916 – American oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller becomes the world’s first billionaire

1922 – Benito Mussolini ask Vatican for support of fascist party program

1966 – Bechuanaland gains independence from England, becomes Botswana

1988 – Union Station reopens in Washington, D.C.

1990 – Washington National Cathedral construction is completed after 83 years

2006 – US Representative Mark Foley resigns after allegations of inappropriate emails to house pages were introduced.

2017 – Mysterious sonic attacks on US diplomats prompt US to warn citizens not to travel to Cuba and pull some embassy staff


1885 – The first practical public electric tramway in the world is opened in Blackpool, England.

1915 – 1st transcontinental radio telephone message is sent

1927 – Telephone service begins between US & Mexico

1962 – Launch of Alouette 1, 1st Canadian satellite (on US Delta rocket)

1971 – Orbiting Solar Observatory VII launched

1977 – Soviet space station Salyut 6 launched into Earth orbit

1988 – 26th Space Shuttle mission, Discovery 7 launched

2004 – The asteroid 4179 Toutatis passes within four lunar distances of Earth.


1793 – Tennis is 1st mentioned in an English sporting magazine

1880 – 1st pro baseball game at Polo Grounds, NY Metropolitans beat Washington Nationals 4-2 in 5 innings

1908 – Calgary Rugby Football Union forms

1923 – PGA Championship Men’s Golf, Pelham CC: Defending champion Gene Sarazen beats Walter Hagan in 38 holes for 3rd of his 7 major titles

1930 – 1st Canadian football game played under lights, Hamilton-UBC

1951 – 1st color telecast of football game on network, Philadelphia (CBS)

2018 – NY Yankees Venezuelan 2nd baseman Gleyber Torres smashes a 2-run homer in 8-5 win v Boston at Fenway Park; Yankees MLB record 265th homer of the season; Giancarlo Stanton adds #266 in 7th

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