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Things to Remember On Oct 13

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1501 Maximilian of Austria & Louis XII sign Treaty of Trente

1629 Dutch West Indies Co grants religious freedom in West Indies

1660 Absolute monarchy instituted by decree in Denmark by King Frederik III

1702 Dutch and English troops occupy Liège

1760 Russian and Austrian army evacuates Berlin

1792 Cornerstone laid for the Executive Mansion (White House) in Washington

1812 Battle of Queenstown Heights: British forces defeat United States forces attempting to invade Canada

1864 Maryland voters adopt new constitution, including abolition of slavery

1884 Greenwich in London established as the universal time meridian of longitude

1885 The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is founded in Atlanta, Georgia

1896 First public screening of a motion picture in New Zealand

1943 Italy declares war on former Axis partner Germany

1944 US 1st army begins battle of Aachen, first German city captured during WWII

1972 Uruguay to Chile plane crashes in Andes Mountains, (passengers eat crash victims to survive, 16 of 45 rescued 2 months later)

1993 Nobel prize for chemistry awarded to Kary Mullis & Michael Smith

1994 Nobel prize for literature awarded to Japanese writer Kenzaburo Oe

2012 Gerhard Richter’s Abstraktes Bild sells for $34 million, the highest sold artwork by a living artist

2018 Oldest known human remains from Poland at 115,000 years from revealed to be Neanderthal child from Ciemna Cave eaten by a large bird


1773 The Whirlpool Galaxy was discovered by Charles Messier

1860 1st aerial photo taken in US (from a balloon) of Boston

1914 Garrett Morgan patents his safety hood device, which would later be refined into the gas mask

1953 Burglar alarm-ultrasonic or radio waves patented by Samuel Bagno

1964 Voskhod 1 crew returns

1969 Soviet spacecraft Soyuz 8 is launched

1983 Ameritech Mobile Communications (now Cingular) launched the first US cellular network in Chicago, Illinois.

1984 STS 41-G mission; lands at Kennedy Space Center


1893 Vigilant (US) beats Valkyrie II (UK) in 9th America’s Cup, in New York

1933 Soccer team STEVO forms in Geesteren

1934 LPGA Western Open Women’s Golf, Portland G & CC: Marian McDougall outclassed Mrs Guy Riegel, 9 & 7 to win golf’s only major title

1963 Ryder Cup Golf, East Lake CC: US beats Great Britain, 23-9; competition format changes with addition of 4-ball (better ball) matches on a 3rd day of play

1964 Australian swimmer Dawn Fraser wins her third consecutive Olympic 100m freestyle gold medal at the Tokyo Games; Olympic record 59.05s

1967 First American Basketball Association (ABA) game is played with Oakland Oaks beating Anaheim Amigos, 132-129; red, white & blue ball and 3-point field goal introduced

1986 IOC announces baseball will become a medal sport in 1992

1987 West Indies score 4-360 in 50 overs in Cricket World Cup v Sri Lanka

2015 Basketball player Lamar Odom is hospitalised after being found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada Source : history