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Things to Remember On Oct 11

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1531 Battle of Kappel: Swiss Roman Catholic cantons beat protestant forces of Zurich; Huldrych Zwingli Swiss reformation leader is killed

1573 Battle of South Seas – Dutch rebels beat Spanish navy

1614 Adriaen Block and 12 Amsterdam merchants petition the States General for exclusive trading rights in the New Netherland colony.

1687 Hungary accepts Habsburg sovereignty

1698 France, England & Netherlands ratified the First Partition Treaty, which eventually led to the War of the Spanish Succession

1737 Earthquake kills 300,000 and destroys half of Calcutta, India

1797 Battle of Camperdown (Kamperduin): British navy defeats Dutch fleet

1852 The University of Sydney, Australia’s oldest university, is inaugurated in Sydney.

1864 Slavery abolished in Maryland

1890 Daughters of American Revolution founded

1906 San Francisco Board of Education orders segregation in separate schools of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean children sparking diplomatic crisis

1918 Major tsumani shakes Caribbean

1922 First woman FBI “special investigator”, Alaska Davidson, appointed

2013 The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons wins the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize


1811 The Juliana, 1st steam-powered ferryboat, begins operation

1881 David Houston patents roll film for cameras

1887 A Miles patents elevator

1939 Albert Einstein informs FDR of the possibilities of an atomic bomb

1945 JPL WAC Corporal Launch (1st Man-Made Object to escape Atmosphere)

1950 The U.S. Federal Communications Commission issues the first license to broadcast television in color, to CBS

1958 2nd US Moon probe, Pioneer 1, reaches 113,810 km, falls back

1968 Apollo 7 (Schirra, Eisele & Cunningham) made 163 orbits in 260 hours

1977 Soyuz 25 returns to Earth

1977 American inventor Gordon Gould issued his first US patent for a optically pumped laser amplifier, 20 years after first claiming to have invented the laser

1984 1st space walk by US woman (Dr Kathryn D Sullivan)

1994 Space shuttle STS-68 (Endeavour 7), lands

2018 World’s new longest flight flies from Singapore to Newark Airport, New Jersey takes 17 hours 52 mins


1873 Toronto Argonaut Football Club 1st game losing to U of Toronto

1902 Commencement of 1st Test Cricket between South Africa & Australia

1913 Philadelphia A’s beat NY Giants, 4 games to 1 in 10th World Series

1930 Collingwood Football Club in Melbourne, Australia, won the VFL premiership for the fourth consecutive year

1943 NY Yankees beat Cards 4 games to 1, in 40th World Series, to become 1st team to win 10 World Series

1956 1st Pakistan v Australia Test 95 runs scored on 1st day

1972 World Hockey Association officially makes it’s debut as the Alberta Oilers defeat the Ottawa Nationals, 7-4 at the Ottawa Civic Centre

2000 South African Cricket Board issues former captain Hansie Cronje with a life ban as a result of match-fixing allegations

2019 Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli scores career-best 254 not out to move past 7,000 Test runs on day 2 of the 2nd Test against South Africa in Mumbai; India wins by an innings and 137 runs Source :internet

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