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Things to Remember On Oct 1

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1529 – Meeting between Maarten Luther & Huldrych Zwingli

1574 – Storm breaks Leiden dike; drowns 20,000 Spanish soldiers

1606 – Spanish troops under Spinola occupies fort Rhine birch

1653 – Russian parliament accepts annexation of Ukraine

1688 – Prince Willem III of Orange accepts invitation of take up the British crown

1705 – Parliament declares Hungary independently/French Rákóczi becomes king

1791 – 1st session of new French legislative assembly

1801 – Britain & France sign Preliminary of London

1829 – South African College is founded in Cape Town, South Africa; later to separate into the University of Cape Town and the South African College Schools.

1843 – News of the World begins publication in London

1851 – 1st Hawaiian stamps issued

1864 – John Summerfield Staples is paid $500 as a substitute for US President Abraham Lincoln

1867 –  Karl Marx’ “Das Kapital” published

1869 – 1st postcards are issued (Vienna, Austria)

1888 – National Geographic magazine publishes for the 1st time

1939 – After a one-month Siege of Warsaw, hostile forces entered the city.

1953 – Indian state of Andhra Pradesh partitioned from Madras

1971 – Walt Disney World opens in Bay Lake, Florida

1992 – Cartoon Cable Network premieres

2018 – New trade deal announced between United States, Canada and Mexico (USMCA), replacing NAFTA


1847 – Maria Mitchell discovers a non-naked-eye comet

1847 – German inventor and industrialist Werner von Siemens founds Siemens AG & Halske

1908 – 1st Dutch electric railway in use (Rotterdam-The Hague)

1942 – Bell P-59 Airacomet fighter, 1st US jet, makes maiden flight

1947 – 1st helicopter air mail & express service, LA, Ca

1951 – 1st treaty signed by woman ambassador-Eugenie Anderson (US ambassador to Denmark)

1952 – 1st ultra high frequency (UHF) television station, Portland Or

1958 – US space agency NASA begins operations incorporating earlier National Advisory Council on Aeronautics and other bodies

1990 – Meteorite explodes above Pacific Ocean

2018 – Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology awarded to James Allison and Tasuku Honjo for cancer treatment innovations


1889 – Dutch soccer club HFC Haarlem is founded; National champions 1946; bankrupt in 2010; merge with HFC Kennemerland, new club Haarlem Kennemerland

 1903 – First Baseball World Series game ever played; Pittsburgh Pirates beat Boston Americans 7-3 at Huntington Avenue; Jimmy Sebring hits first home run; Deacon Phillippe is winning pitcher and Cy Young the loser

1910 – Regina Rugby Club (to become CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders) plays first game, losing to Moose Jaw Tigers, 16-6

1994 – Australian cricket batsman David Boon scores 114 during 1 wicket, 1st Test defeat v Pakistan in Karachi; his 19th Test century

1995 – Cleveland Indians end MLB season at 100-44 to set record 30 game margin over 2nd place Kansas City Royals in AL Central final standings

1999 – Sourav Ganguly smashes 11 fours and 5 sixes for a blistering 139 as India (277/6) dominates Zimbabwe (170) in the 6th cricket LG Cup ODI in Nairobi Source : Internet