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In 1885 1 million dollars were raised in US for the pedestal for statue of liberty

1909 the first SOS launches by an American ship.

The liner Arapahoe had a breakdown of north California in the US. It called out an SOS by radio. This was the first known of this distress signal adopted worldwide in 1908.

In 1929  A friendship treaty was signed by Persia and Iraq

At san Luis Potosi, Mexico temperature reach 136 degree F. that was a world record. It happens in 1933.

Chad got independence from France in 1960.

In 1978 funeral of pope VI held in the Vatican city.


In 1978 the first successful crossing the Atlantic ocean by balloon ( Double Eagle II Balloon). After The history of transatlantic balloon crossing included seventeen prior unsuccessful attempts and seven lives lost.

In 1984 the underground nuclear test was did by USSR

In 1991 STS 43 Atlantis 9 space shuttle lands.


In 1919 Green bay packers football club founded by curly lambeau – named after sponsor Indian packing company

In 1929 babe ruth becomes first professional baseball player to hit 500 homers

Abinav bindra won the men’s 10m air rifle at the Beijing Olympics. And won the first ever individual gold medal for India. That was the first gold medal for india in any Olympic events since 1980 Source: Wikipedia, Onthisday , Todayin History

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