The Meg 2 Movie begins to shooting on january 2022

The Meg 2 Movie begins to shooting on january 2022

Action legend Jason Statham confirmed that he will be getting back to the water to start shooting his creature features sequel The Meg 2 in January 2022. In the 2018 predecessor, Statham featured as Jonas Taylor, a salvage jumper enrolled to help a gathering of researchers managing a megalodon shark emerged out of the most deepest segment of the Mariana Trench. Close by Statham, the outfit cast for the first film included Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao, Page Kennedy and Jessica McNamee.

After 10 years being developed at Disney’s Hollywood Pictures, Steve Alten’s horror novel Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror kept on moping being developed hellfire at New Line Cinema before at last arriving at Warner Bros. in 2015.

Coordinated by National Treasure director Jon Turteltaub, the movie saw blended surveys from critics and audience yet end up being a smash success upon its Summer 2018 release, earning more than $530 million on its estimated $178 million budget. Months after its delivery, leader maker Catherine Xujun Ying affirmed The Meg 2 was in progress and it was formally declared in 2019, while Alten uncovered its title in September 2020 as Meg 2: The Trench with Ben Wheatley marking on to coordinate the next month.

Wrath of Man : Jason statham reunites with Guy Ritchie

While visiting with Collider to discuss his most recent gathering with Guy Ritchie on the activity spine chiller Wrath of Man, Statham opened up somewhat on the shark-driven continuation. As well as affirming the creation start date for the movie, in which he noticed the quest for the correct content created the long setback, Statham talked about working with Wheatley and the inspiration he as of now has cooperating with the In the Earth writer/director.

I’m thrilled to get going, it’s been a while. We’ve been waiting around for the right scripts to come in and the right director to turn up, and we’ve got all those things and they’re all stacked up now. [Wheatley’s] great. We have a great shorthand already. We’ve got similar taste. I like his movies, I think he’s a brilliant director. I think we’ve got a good shot at making something good.

Probably the greatest complaints the two critics and crowds had with the first was that, however there was a lot of enjoyable to be had from the film, it was neither very adequate to be important for viewers nor was it terrible enough for fans to prescribe to other people.

The choice to move towards a potential more realistic tone would positively go long towards fixing a some of these slip-ups to make an all the more viably exciting trip in The Meg 2. Meanwhile, audiences can anticipate seeing Statham back to kick some butt in Ritchie’s Wrath of Man when it hits theaters one week from now.

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