Sony A7C Full display Camera Packed Into A Compact Body

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Among the upsides of by utilizing a mirrorless camera over the DSLR is that generally speaking, mirrorless cameras are smaller and lighter which makes them simpler to have around. Sony’s A7 series of mirrorless cameras are relatively compact, but the company does make even more compact models.

This creates a conundrum for photographers who want the ability of the A7 series, but want a little body. Sony has since introduced a solution to that problem in the form of the newly-announced Sony A7c. It is a full-frame mirrorless camera that has been stuffed into a compact body much like that of Sony’s A6000series.

Sony has created this camera with vloggers and videographers who may want to capture high quality video in an inferior body. It weighs about 509 grams, so that it is over 100 grams lighter in weight than the A7 III, and partially heavier than the A6600. It will eventually feature the use of the same Sensor of the A7 III, but will also sport a fully-articulating screen that might be useful for vloggers.

It really is capable of shooting at ten fps, an ISO range of a hundred to 51, 2000, support for USB-C, phase-detection AF with 693 phase recognition points, and more. The camera is priced starting at $1,800 body-only that makes it $200 less expensive than the A7 III. Pre-orders of the camera should be going live soon and the camera is expected to get started delivery out late October. Source: ubergizmo