Serious Sam 4 gets New trailer and releases in Google Stadia

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Together with dozens of additional games showcased from the near future games Show, Serious Sam 4 revealed the latest gameplay pickup trailer that shows away from some mech-based vehicle combat. Serious Mike pilots a huge mech through Vatican City, but is really not a easygoing cruise, as the horde of large monsters need in order to be blown aside to clear the path. You can check out the latest trailer below!

Serious Sam is a long-running first person shooter business that pits mercenary Serious Sam against armies of beasties and monsters, but it hasn’t seen a  new entry since Serious Sam 3 this year. That’s all set to alter, with Serious Sam 4 bringing the business back to life, as a prequel to Serious Sam 3. Even better, there’s very little lengthier to wait, as Serious Sam 4 is set to make its first the following month on Sept 24, 2020.

When you’re thinking of Serious Sam’s latest adventure filled with strange visceral, you can pre-order the game now on Vapor. Besides Steam, Severe Sam will also be coming to Stadia, Google’s impair streaming platform. This exclusive partnership with Stadia is staying away from Serious Sam from coming to gaming systems, at least immediately, but there’s still a good chance the first person shooter will come to Xbox and Playstation platforms in the future. Source : Windows Central