Sennheiser IE 300 in-ear headphones launched in india

Sennheiser IE 300 in-ear headphones launched in india
Source Sennheiser

Sennheiser has Launched its New  audiophile in-ear headphones, the IE 300 in India. It accompanies Sennheiser’s 7mm Extra Wide Band (XWB) transducer and is evidently worked to guarantee an even balanced sound signature and superb sonic exactness in a premium design.

Sennheiser’s new IE 300 highlights a refined form of the 7mm Extra Wide Band (XWB) transducer, produced at the organization’s headquarters command in Germany. As per Sennheiser each part has been carefully tuned.

This tuning includes  an  optmizied membrane foil that limits common resonances and all out harmonic distoration (THD < 0.08% at 1 kHz, 94 dB), a transducer back volume intended to limit reflection inside the lodging and a resonator chamber that eliminates masking resonances in the ear waterway for more refined and detaied pitch.

This offers a recurrence reaction of 6 Hz – 20 kHz, and the IE 300 conveys clear high frequencies with an subtle and warm musicality that carries more prominent closeness to vocals.

The IE 300 comes ergonomic highlights that added independently customizable adaptable ear hooks, just as silicone and adaptable padding ear connectors in three sizes.

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The IE 300’s provided 3.5mm link is built up with para-aramid for stablility even after huge number of twist cycles and can be swapped for optimal adaptability. For extra strain help, the top notch gold-plated Fidelity+ MMCX connector is situated in a recessed, 4.8mm-wide attachment in the lodging.

Balanced with 2.5mm or 4.4 connectors are additionally available as optional accessories. A top notch convey case is also included.

The Sennheiser IE 300 has been cost at Rs 29,990 and will be get at online business channels, Sennheiser webshop, and select disconnected outlets beginning March 25. Source Techradar

In our survey of the gadget we expressed, “For those that are hoping to dip into the universe of hi  fi and wouldn’t fret passing up the capabilities of present day modern wireless , the IE 300 offers a perfect sound encounter for a (moderately) low cost of passage.”

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