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Things to Remember On Sept 20

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1530 – Luther Advises protestant monarch compromise

1596 – Diego de Montemayor founded the city of Moneterrey in New Spain

1604 – Spanish army under Spinola recaptures Oostende

1674 – 2nd WestIndies company forms

1746 – Bonnie Prince Charlie flees to France from Scotland

1792 – French defeat Prussians at Valmy

1830  – 1st Negro convention of free Men agree to boycott slave-produced goods

1884 – 6.2 mile Arlberg rail road tunnel completed in Austria

1909 – The British parliament passes the south Africa Act; it calls for union of cape Colony, Natal, Orange River and Transvaal ; and both English and Dutch as official languages

1920 – Foundation of the Spanish Legion

1932 – Gandhi begins hunger strike against treatment of untouchables

1962 – Ben Bella wins 1st elections in independent Algeria

1985 – Walt-Disney  World’s 200 millionth guest

1990 – Both East and West Germany ratify reunification

2018 – Woman shoots seven people, killing three and herself at a Rite Aid distribution centre near Baltimore, Maryland


1848 – The American Association for the Advancement of Science is created

1859 – George Simpson patents electric range

1945 – German rocket engineers begin work in US

1954 – 1st FORTRAN computer program run

1970 – Soviet spacecraft Luna 16 lands on Moon’s Mare Fecunditatis, drills core sample

1983 – Cryptographic Communications System & Method (RSA) patented

2000 – Patent on RSA cryptograph algorithm ends


1876 – Ottawa Football club forms

1913 – US open Men’s Golf, The Country Club: 20-year old amateur Francis Ouimet wins his only open title in an 18-hole playoff, 5 strokes ahead of Britons Harry Vardon &Ted Ray

1982 – Jalal Uddin takes a one-day hat-trick Pakistan v Australia

2013 – Alex Rodriquez sets new MLB record with 24 Grand Slam home runs for the New York Yankees
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