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Things To Remember On

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One of The famous wonder of the world the world Pisa tower begins to construct on this day in 1173. It takes almost two centuries to complete the project.

After three years of journey Colombia returns to Boston on this day in 1790.

The first steam engine train (Albany to Schenectady) in US ran in 1831.

The patent for diesel engine which is early known as combustion engine get by Rodolfo diesel of Germany in 1898.

In 1910 the patent for electric washing machine was got by Alva fisher

Mahatma Gandhi and 50 others were arrested in Bombay, India after passing of a “quit India” motion and combine by the all India congress in 1942.

Second atomic bomb has dropped by America over Nagasaki, japan named  ‘fat man’  its destroyed part of the city in 1945.

1965 Singapore  got its independence and separates from federation of Malaysia.


1st boys scout camp conducts at brown sea in 1907.

Percy Williams did world record for 100 mtr in 10.3 sec in 1930

1992 last day of test cricket for David gower

Usain bolt wins the back to back 100 mtr and 200 mtr  races in 19.32 and won the first prize  in 2012.

USA won the gold medal in women’s Olympic football beating japan .


In 1926 mat Hilde krim American medical researcher and founder chairman of aids research born in Italy . The statewide supported educational television network was firstly went on the air in U.S  on 1956.

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