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Things to Remember On

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1812 – Swiss Traveller Johann Ludwig Burckhardt is the 1st European to rediscover the Nabataean city of petra (modern Jordan)

1894 – Mahatma Gandhi forms the Natal Indian Congress (NIC) in order to fight discrimination against traders in Natal

1901 – Cadilac motor company is founded

1932 – BBC begins experimental regular TV broadcasts

1942 – Brazil declares war on Germany, japan and Italy

1984 – Republican convention in Dallas renominates president Ronald Reagan and vice president George Bush

2004 – “The scream” (1910 painted version) and “Madonna” two paintings by Edvard munch are stolen at gunpoint from the Munch Museum in oslo, Norway.

2019 – South korea says it is leaving an intelligence – sharing pact with Japan in an escalation of the rift between the two countries


1849 –  The first air raid in history Austria launches pilotless balloons against the Italian city of venice

1865 – William Sheppard is issued the US patent for liquid soap.

1958 – Great Britain performs  atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas island

1989 – 1st complete ring around Neptune discovered

2018 – Discovery of a 90,000 hybrid human, half Neanderthal, half denisoven from Anuy River , Siberia published in “nature”


1851 – 100 Guineas Cup is raced around Isle of wight; US schooner ‘America’ beats British cutter ‘Aurora’ by 24 minutes; first competition for the America’s Cup yachting trophy.

1923 – Paavo nurmi runs world record mile (4:10:4)

1950 – Althea Gibson becomes 1st black competitor in a US national tennis competition.

2008 – Jamaican team lead by usain Bolt smashes the world 4*100m relay record in the final at the Beijing Olympis ; disqualified in 2017 as Nesta carter tests positive for prohibited substance.

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