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Things to Remember On

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1737 – 1st public admittance to the salon de Paris art exhibition at the Louvre in Paris

Historic Events

1838 – United states exploring expedition headed by Charles Wilkes departs for the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica

1858 – Netherlands and Japan signs trade agreement

1919 – ‘the anti cigarette league of America’ was formed in Chicago IL.

1926 – Weather map televised for first time

1930– Eastern airlines begins passenger service

1994 – 5.6 earthquakes in Algeria kills 171 people

2012 – 6 people were killed by a bomb blast on bus in west Bengal, India


1685 – Brook Taylor born on this day. British mathematician best Known for the Taylor’s series a method for expanding functions into infinite series

1891 – the first rain making experiments in the U.S were conducted near midland, texas.

1964 – USSR launches 3 kosmos satellites


1920 – 1st class cricket debut of Walter Hammond.

1934 – Bradman (224) and bill ponsford (205) put on 451 in world record partnership for Australia on Day 1 of 5th test win against England

1957 – Amelia wershoven sets record of female throwing a baseball

1982 – The longest baseball game played at Wrigley field in Chicago, IL went 21 innings before the Los angels dodgers defeated the club 2-1

1994 – 15th common wealth games open in Victoria Canada

2016 – Usain Bolt wins the gold medal in the men’s 200m for the 3rd successive summer Olympics recording a time of 19.78 in rio de Janeiro

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