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Things to Remember On

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1812 – Napoleon Bonaparte’s army defeats the Russians at the battle of Smolensk during the Russian retreat to Moscow

1903 – Joe Pulitzer donates 1 million to Colombia University and begins the Pulitzer prizes in America

1945 – sukarno and mohammad hatta declare Indonesia (Dust east indies) independent from the Netherlands.

1945 – korea is divided into North and south korea along the 38th parallel

1987 – Dublin city was celebrating its diamond jubilee

1990 – one hundred and seventy south Africans were hacked to death in tribal fighting over five days.

1999 – A 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit the city of limit in north western turkey one the country’s most densely populated areas leaving more than 17000 people dead and hundreds of thousands more left injured and homeless

2006 – In Baghdad twenty one persons were killed in a bomb blast and the governor’s office was attacked


1878 – Reggie duff Australian cricketer born in Sydney, Australia

1908 – Projection in Paris of the very first animated cartoon fantasmagorie realized by emile cohl.

1933 – MLB player lou Gehrig plays record 1,308 th consecutive game

1964 – Boycott scores his 1st test cricket century 113 runs.

2008 – China wins its 33rd gold medal of the Beijing Olympics by beating Singapore in the table tennis womens team event most successful olympiad ever for china wins all 10 singles and all 5 doubles matches.


1833 – the first steam ship to cross the Atlantic entirely on its own power, the Canadian ship royal William begins her journey from nova scotia to the isle of wight.

1978 – three Americans complete the first crossing of the Atlantic in a balloon

2007 – six former research subjects were rewarded almost one million dollars in compensation

2008 – Iran launched a rocket capable of carrying a satellite successfully.

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