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Things to Remember On

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1858 – The Regular mail to pacific coast begins on this day

1861 – Abraham Lincoln has orders reinforcements to be sent to Missouri. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of US

1867 – The extends of Representation of the people Act suffrage in the UK.

1906 – 1st freight delivery of tunnel system starts underneath Chicago

1918 –  The full length cartoon was  released with sinking of Lusitania

1940 – 1st edition of newspaper Jewish weekly in Amsterdam

1945 – World War II and Korean librarian day

1947 – After nearly 200 years of being under British India gained independence. India’s freedom came at the end of a long and difficult freedom struggle. India becomes a sovereign and democratic nation.

1975 – Indian action – adventure film ‘sholay’ directed by Ramesh sippy starring Dharmendra and Amitah Batchan is released. Highest grossing Indian film ever.

1994 – South African president nelson Mandela Anne frank penning.


1914 – Panama canal opens under cost with the SS Ancon making the 1st official steamship through the canal.

1991 – US performs nuclear test at Nevada test site.

National science week is celebrated from 15 th August 23 rd August

2006 – the most distant manmade object reach the 100 astronomical units from the sun – meaning 100 times more distance from sun than is earth about 15000 million kilometre from the sun.


1914 – In 13th Davis cup Australia beats USA in Newyork by 3-2

 1936 – the Berlin Olympics fencing a competition and concludes with Italy won 4 of the 7 gold medal and hungary taken the other three.

1989 – Giorgio Lamberti swims world record 200m free style in 1:46:69 .

2008 – An American 1-2 in the 200m backstroke at the Beijing Olympics with Ryan lochte swimming a world record 1:53:94 to beat teammate Aaaron piersol.

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