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1585 –  Queen Elizabeth I of England refuses sovereignty of Netherlands.

1862 – Abraham Lincoln receives the first group of African American to confer with a US President.

1862 – One of the oldest court, Bombay high court was established.

1882 – Queen Victoria got Zulu chief Cetewayo

1893 – Motor vehicle registration were introduced by France including by driving test.

1908 – The first beauty contest is held in Folkstone ,England.

1917    china declares war on Germany and Austria

1937 – China declares war on japan .

1941 – US president Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime minister Winston Churchill issue the joint declaration that later becomes Known as the Atlantic Charter

1947 – India and Pakistan were separated and Pakistan got freedom from British

2013 – 14 people were killed and 26 are injured by two roadside bombings in Baqubah, Iraq.


1820 – 1st eye hospital of US , NY eye infirmary opens in NYC.

1885 – the first patent of Japan is issued to the inventor of a rust proof paint.

1932 – Philips makes one million radio.

1966 – the 1st lunar orbiter begins orbiting the moon.

1971 – France done a nuclear test.

2015 – Most extensive face transplant surgery ever performed  on Patrick Hardison by Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez  at newyork university longone medical center.


1960 – Australian driver Jack Brabham clinches his second consecutive F1 world Drivers championship by winning the Portuguese grand prix at Boavista.

1999      – New Zealand wins their 3rd nations Rugby series as south Africa edges Australia, 10 – 9 in cape town. All blacks only defeat comes in final round dead rubber , 28-7 against wallabies in Sydney.

2016 – Jamaican sprint star Usain bolt wins coveted 100m olymbic – first men to win the event three times.

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