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1784 – Brithish parliament accepts East India company Act on this day . And Bringing the east india company’s rule in india under the control of the british government.

1886 – John A.Macdonald uses a silver hammer to pound a gold spike, officially completing the Esquimalt and Nanaimo railway in British Columbia

1923 – US steel corporation initiates 8 hour work day.

1932 –  Adolf Hitler refuses president von Hindenburg proposal to become vice chancellor of Germany .

1937 – Second sino – Japanese war; Japanese forces begin the battle of shanghai.

1961 – construction of the Berlin wall begins in East germany

2014 – Iranian mathematicians Maryam Mirzhakhani is the first to win the fields medal in mathematics.

2015 – US government formally returns Picasso’s painting La Coiffeuse  to France, stolen from paris national museum of modern art in 2001.


1889 – William grey patends coin operated telephone.

1913 –  Invention of stainless steel by Harry Brearley in Sheffield England .

1964 – first broadcast by Trans World Radio on Bonaire.

1989 – US space shuttle STS -28 lands

1996 – Microsoft releases internet Explorer 3.0


1902 – England beat Australia by one wicket at the oval Famous victory.

 1948 – the united state successfully defends its Olympic basketball title. Win over france with a 65-21 at the London games.

1991-  Test cricket debut of Mike  Whitney for Australia v\s England at old Trafford.

2004 – 28th Olympic games opens at Athens Greece.

2008 –  American super swimmer Micheal phelps wins 3 gold medals, all in world record time, in the one day at the Beijing Olympics ; 200m I/M (1:54:23) 200m butterfly (1:52:03) and 4*200 m freestyle relay (6:58:56).

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