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In 1741 Travangore King Marthanda varma has defeat the Dutch east India company in the colachel battle. It effectively end the dutch colonial rule in india

In 1776 United States Declaration  of Independence reaches London ( American Revolutionary War)

Quito  present capital of Ecuador declares independence from spain. In 1809.

Michael Jackson’s 5th studio album in 1979  “off the bell”is released.

“The battle of the yellow sea” – Russo Japanese war takes place on this day in 1904.

The battle of world war 2 comes to an effective end. In 1944.

This day is celebrated as Argentine air force day in Argentina

National Veterans Day in Indonesia


For the first time Olympic cycling road race is conducted as mass start in 1936. France won the  gold medal

1st world championship for athletics is held and levis won the gold medal for the mens long jump.

Srilankan cricketer Fernando in 1979.


The first phone call between two cities is held on this day in 1876. The two cities are Brantford and paris in Canada.

1893 – in germany the Rudolf diesel run his compustion engine with a single 10 foot iron cylinder with a flywheel at its base and ran on its own power for the first time in Augsburg.

The lunar orbiter 1 is send to the moon to take photographs of the lunar surface by  NASA  in 1966.
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