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Things To Remember On 15 Sept

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1514 – Thomas Wolsey appointed English Archbishop of York

1590 – Giambattista Catagna elected as Pope Urban VII

1616 – 1st non – aristocratic, free public school in Europe is opened in Frascati, Italy

1683 – Germantown in Pennsylvania is founded by 13 immigrant families

1707 – Ferenc Rakoczi II, Prince of Transylvania and Tsar Peter the Great sign social security agreement

1777 – George Washington on authorisation of Congress appoints Casimire Pulaski brigadier general in Continental Army cavalry

1812 – French army under Napoleon reaches Kremlin, Moscow

1851 – Saint Joseph’s University is founded in Philadelphia, pennsylvania

1894 – Japan defeats China in Battle of Ping Yang

1910 – Bores & Afrikaners win 1st general elections in Union of South- Africa

1952 – US runs over Eritrea to Ethiopia

1997 – Google.com is registered as a domain name

2014 – President Obama announces the US will send 3,000 troops to help combat spread of the Ebola virus


1857 – Timothy Alder of NY patents a typesetting machine

1916 – 1st use of tanks in Warfare, “Little Willies” at Battle of Flers-courcelette, part of the Battle of the Somme

1921  – WBZ – AM in Boston MA begins radio transmissions

1928 – Scottish bacteriologist Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin while studying in influenza

1947 – 1st four-engined jet-propelled fighter plane tested, Columbus, Ohio

1948 – F-86 Sabre sets world aircraft speed record of 1080 kph

1966  – 1st British nuclear ballistic missile submarine HMS Resolution launched

1966 – Gemini XI (Conrad/Gordon) returns to Earth

1976 – Soyuz 22 carries 2 cosmonauts into Earth orbit for 8 days


1879 – Pim Mulier forms “Haarlem football club”

1922 – Catcher Butch Henline is 1st NLer to hit 3 HRs in a game since 1897

1930 – 1st international bridge match is held in London. US team defeats England

1951 – Emile Zatopek runs world record 20k (1:01:15.8)

1978 – Muhammad Ali beats Leon Spinks in 15 rounds for heavyweight boxing title

1991- US Women’s gymnastics team win 1st world championship medal (silver)

2000 – 27th Olympic Games opens at Sydney, Australia
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