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Things to Remember on 12 Sept

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Historical Events

1543 – Treaty of Venlo signed by Duke Willem of Gulik and Holy Roman Emperor Charles V during Italian Wars

1624 – 1st submarine publicity tested in London on the Thames for King James I

1673 – Prince William III occupies Naarden

1703 – Emperor Leopold I ends contacts on Spanish heritage

1814 – Battle of North Point fought near Baltimore during War of 1812

1848 – Switzerland becomes a Federal State

1895 – Annie Londonderry arrives in Chicago to complete first round- the- world trip by a woman in bicycle in 15 months and collects her $10000 prize  

1910 – United States 1st known female cop appointed, Alice Stebbins Wells by LAPD

1940 – Four teens, following their dog down a hole near Lascaux, France discover 17000 year old drawings now known as the Lascaux Cave paintings

1948 – Indian Army invades the State of Hyderabad a day after Pakistani leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah passes away

1964 – Canyonlands National park is designated as a National park

1979 – Indonesia is hit with an earthquake that measures 8.1 on the Richter scale

1981- “The Smurfs” animated cartoon series by Hanna–Barbera first broadcast in North America

2018 – Oldest known human drawing discovered , 73000 years old , in Blombos cave South Africa published in “Nature”


1909 – World’s first patent for synthetic rubber granted to German Chemist Fritz Hofmann

1958 – Jack Kilby demonstrates his 1st integrated circuit (IC) to his supervisor

1961 – NASA civilian pilot Joseph A WalkerX-15 to 34,840m

1970 – Soviet unnamed spacecraft Luna 16 launches to the moon

1991 – Space Shuttle STS 48 (Discovery 14)launched

1992 – Mae Jemison is the 1st African American woman to go into space (aboard Endeavour STS – 47)

2012 – Apple unveils its iPhone 5 and iOS 6

2017 – Apple unveils premium iPhone X costing $999 along with iPhone 8


1885 – Highest score (35) recorded in any 1st class Soccer match is set

1895 – Defender (US) beats Valkyrie III (England) in 10th America’s cup

1912 – Dutch Olympian committee found  (NOC)

1922 – Paavo Nurmi runs world record 5000m (14:35.4)

1964 – 1st football game at Shea stadium, jets defeat denver 30-6

1998 – US open Women’s tennis : Lindsay Davenport wins her first career Grand Slam title; beats defending champion Martina Hingis 6-3, 7-5

2015 – US open Tennis : in an all – Italian final Flavia pennetta wins her only Grand Slam title; beats Roverta Vinci 7-6, 4-7, 6-2; first Italian to win US title
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