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Next patch rollout Grounded 0.3.2 and September Content

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It can only been a couple of days since the 0.3.1 plot update was launched for Grounded, yet Obsidian Entertainment will be back with another release fixated upon increasing the Sept content update. Patch update 0.3.2 is moving out right this moment with increased repairs to help avoid crashes, instability, plus poor performance, which includes other bug repairs thrown in with regard to good measure.

Grounded Early Access and Game Preview , so anticipate much more updates as all of us get into 2021, previous the release associated with next-gen consoles such as the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The changelog for plot update 0.3.2 for Grounded includes:

Major issues

Fixed client crash when ziplines exist in the backyard across very big distances

Fixed arbitrary crashes when traversing the backyard

Fixed crash related to Frankenline when loading a saved sport

Fixed crash for user end when joining a game near a Spinning Wheel or Roasting Spit or Jerky Rack that presently has processing items on it

Fixed random crashes when syncing cloud saves

Slight improvement on Friends Research reliability


Fixed issue with stocks and Crafting screens having low end FPS on Xbox and Windows 10 Store develops

Fixed issue where saving the sport was not allowed if there has been no internet connection

Fixed userend not having access to the Daredevil Mutation when again connecting game where that was purchased already

Items / Equipment / resources

Fixed Spinning Wheel sometimes showing the wrong timer when looking at it

Fixed Web Fiber items in the globe not showing up for clients

Source : Windows Central