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GREEN BOOK movie – A Friendship beyond race

Green book movie directed by Peter Farrelly and released on November 16, 2018 in the US.
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This write-up is almost spoiler free. However, I would recommend you go watch the movie and then come back and read this to have a rich and relatable experience.

See at the end of the article for info on where you can catch this movie.

But hey, who am I kidding! You’re going to read through this, anyway aren’t you?

So, let’s cut to the chase and Jump straight into it.

Movie plot

A travel back in time to the 1960s America. Amidst racism being an everyday normal in most of the American states. A journey of self-discovery for an African-American Jazz pianist (Dr.Don Shirley) who hires an Italian-American bouncer (Frank ‘Tony Lip’ Vallelonga) to drive him across the country to perform in the different state venues.

The journey is both literal and metaphorical for the two lead characters and an unusual friendship blossom.
Kingson S

My thoughts after the movie

After a long time, I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated a movie depicting the racial difference and tensions at that time in the US. This was like a time machine to 60 years ago. Though I have an outsider context to the Black and White racial tensions, I was able to empathize and get behind both the Dr.Don Shirley and Tony Lip.

As the movie started, I thought to myself that this would be another sob story showing gruesome mistreatment and graphic scenes. But as the story started to roll on, I was more invested and got on board for the journey as they drive across the different states in America.

It was a wholesome journey with a simple and relatable plot. There were some sad and hard-hitting truth moments in the movie such as the instance when Dr.Don Shirley performs for a completely white and privileged congregation where he is denied to use the Toilet inside the house, and is instructed to use a commode in a wooden shed far from the house.

There are many such insightful look into the nuances of Afro-Americans being mistreated and not given equal opportunities. The n-word has been used plenty of times throughout the movie. But it only adds to the realism of the movie.

Stand-out character

The stand-out character for me would be Frank ‘Tony Lip’ Vallelonga the driver hired by Don Shirley. I was able to relate more with him as I was not oppressed in any sort of way. Being a regular working-class Italian American trying to put food on the table for his lovely family.

Tony Lip cracking a joke while driving and Don Shirley is enjoying it
Tony Lip cracking a joke while driving and Don Shirley is enjoying it

He’s a street-smart guy who speaks his mind. He has the best character arc in the movie from being an unintentional racist to an ever dependable and trustworthy friend to Don Shirley.

Life lesson from the movie

→ Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes before you judge anybody (Both Don Shirley and Tony Lip)

→ Always be a man/woman of your word (from Tony Lip)

→ Leave your comfort zone from time to time (from Don Shirley)

→ Do your job with 100% commitment (from Tony Lip)

That’s all folks!

Thank you for the precious minutes in reading my piece on Green Book movie.

Comment below if you loved the movie and if you have any favourite movie, you’d like me to explore and breakdown.

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Where to watch

You can either Stream or Rent the movie on Amazon Prime Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play and many such platforms.

Kingson S

Entrepreneur and a professional writer by passion; with experience across a wide genre of writing in both print and digital medium. I love what I write and write about what I love. A nerd for History, Geography, and Science Fiction.
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26 thoughts on “GREEN BOOK movie – A Friendship beyond race

  • 24 September 2020 at 6:19 pm

    Wow! Excellent article.
    I watched this movie last year. This the perfect message of this movie.
    Being a black man I can only imagine what my grandad and my dad lived through.
    Atleast now things are getting better. I hope and pray that unrest in US especially Seattle, and my home town Portland dissappear.
    Praying for peace in my city 🙏

  • 25 September 2020 at 12:48 pm

    Its so diffrent reading something like this compared your regular movie review articles you find plenty online. I love this. Please write about more movies like this.
    I recently watched – “Every Day” a teen scifi move. woud love to see your take on that. <3 <3 <3

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