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Lucifer Season 5 Story and trailer release date

Lucifer Season 5

Lucifer Season 5: Up-dates, Lucifer is one of the best shows of the streaming platform associated with Netflix. There are generally four seasons of the show until the date. Followers have been yearning for Season five for a long time. Now, the display is merely near the corner. Lucifer Season 5 Trailer was released lately revealing major twists. What were all those? Discover in the article!

Recently, Netflix offers released the trailer for Lucifer Time of year 5. The truck, in itself, will be packed with twists and suspense. Followers tend to be more curious compared to before after viewing the trailer associated with the upcoming time of year.

A significant distort is exposed within the truck. The distort is Lucifer’s twin sibling ‘Michael’. Lucifer Morningstar, God of the Devil, came to Earth-666 from Heck. On Earth, Lucifer brings a bar and settles his life. He fulfills Chloe Decker, a detective and Lucifer helps her in solving cases. Progressively, Lucifer and Chloe started falling in love. But in the end, Lucifer is called back again to Hell from Earth. Lucifer experienced to leave Chloe and Earth and returned to Heck.

Meanwhile, Lucifer’s double brother ‘Michael’ requires his place on Earth. He pretends to behave like Lucifer and takes upward his life. Jordan also pretends to have a relationship with Chloe as Lucifer. Though, in the trailer, Chloe notices something incorrect and suspicious in Lucifer’s behavior.

This is fairly obvious that if the trailer had a huge twist then Season 5 will filled with suspense. Exactly how will Chloe believe and find away it’s Michael? With regard to this, we need to simply await a while as Season 5 will be releasing soon.
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