Kingdom Hearts PC stored files are different way

Kingdom Hearts PC stored files are different way
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Kingdom Hearts just hit PC debut and it carried an unique features alongside it. Fans have seen that the new PC port of Kingdom Hearts includes a photo that stores the entirety of the game’s saves in its files, rather than a conventional text document. Nobody knows why, however players are now utilizing this new discovery in truly innovative ways.

Kingdom Hearts is known for its mind blowing level of weirdness, features a notoriously tangled story that allow Disney icons to crash into Final Fantasy characters. It’s an strange, to a great extent confusing series, and Square Enix ensured that it finished that theme in the most moment details of the game’s technical  particular features.

With Kingdom Hearts showing up on PC, a few players have been experience the game for the very first time, yet others are also using the force of the PC to explore it altogether new ways.

One such way is that players can in a real sense share save data through images. Reddit users Perhaps Expected (by means of PC Gamer) detailed their discoveries, uncovering that a fairly standard looking PNG of Sora’s face holds key information under the surface.

The image’s metadata, which must be found by running it through specific software, holds all of a player’s save data for Kingdom Hearts in one advantageous spot. Players are now attempting to sort out some way to viably share the image around, as most sites strip the metadata when posted, yet in theory, this should to allow players to access virtually any point in the game no matter what.

Second Extinction Launching on April 28 to Xbox Game Pass

A few fans are as yet holding out trust that Kingdom Hearts will come to Nintendo Switch, particularly subsequent to seeing the new PC ports, yet it seems to be quite unlikely. Maybe there’s hope, yet the odds appear to be probably nothing, particularly given report from the developer. It’s might be rumor Nintendo Switch Pro could include sufficient power for Square Enix to reconsider, as the company has feature sequel  and remaster’s of old Final Fantasy games on the support, but only time

Kingdom Hearts has been making around new stages throughout the past few years, to impressive success. The establishment’s third mainline section debuted on Xbox One close by the PS4 version, noted the series first appearance on a Xbox system.

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More Kingdom Hearts games have come to Xbox, allowing the establishment to strong and spread to much praise. Regardless of whether there’s room for a Nintendo Switch version remaining parts not yet clear after the successful PC launch, yet fans are staying optimistic. Source Screenrant