Java 16 starts to take form

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While not due to turn up until March 2021, Java Development Package (JDK) 16 is starting to take form, beginning with enabling C++ 14 language features in JDK C++ source code.

JDK 16 will be the reference execution of the version of standard java set to follow JDK 15, which arrives on Sept 15. The 6 month release cadence for standard Java would have JDK sixteen arriving next Mar.

As of Come july 1st 29, three plans were targeted to JDK 16:

Enablement of C++ 14 language features, to allow the utilization of C++ 14 functions in JDK C++ source code and give specific assistance about which of such features may be used in Killer spot VM code. By means of JDK 15, vocabulary features employed by C++ code in the JDK have already been limited to the C++98/03 language specifications. With JDK eleven, the source program code was updated to support building with newer versions of the C++ standard. This includes having the ability to build with recent versions of compilers that support C++ 11/14 language features. This proposal will not propose any style or consumption changes for C++ program code that is employed beyond HotSpot. But to consider good thing about C++ vocabulary features, some build-time changes are required, with respect to the platform compiler.

Migration of OpenJDK source code repositories from Mercurial to Git. Driving this effort are advantages in version control system metadata size and available tools and hosting.

Immigration to GitHub, related to the Mercurial-to-Git migration, with JDK 16 source program code repositories to be on the popular code-sharing site.

Early-access builds of JDK 16 for Linux, Windows, and MacOS can be found at jdk. java. net. Like JDK 15, JDK 16 is a short-term release, supported for 6 months. JDK seventeen, due in Sept 2021, is a long lasting support (LTS) release that will obtain several years of support. The current LTS release, JDK 11, was released in September 2018(Source).

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