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Grounded first time allow public Test ring

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Check out new updates before than early access

Grounded is a amazing game, throughout the earlier stages, however this remains a great Early Access in addition Game Preview title, meaning it truly is a lot from being finished. The team within Grounded declared that may they’re trying aside a new Public Test ring that allows players already actively playing the early access to get access to up-dates even earlier, therefore that this group can collect a lot more comments. This will be a great device that allows the team to get a lead upon any major bugs that may show up in new up-dates, preserving them period when those up-dates finally hit the public early access.

Anyone who’s captivated can sign-up to get access to the Public Test ring, but presently there are a few things to keep in mind. For One, the Public Test ring, at least for right now, is only limited to players who are enjoying Grounded via Steam. This could change in the future, but right now the Microsoft Store version is not compatible. Also, keep in mind that save files may not be transferrable between Public Test ring and the general public release, so testers may lose almost all of their progress.

Finally, the General public Test ring will be bound to become even buggier than the already buggy (pardon the pun) Grounded early access. Source : Windows Central