Grounded revealed patch update 0.3.3 bug and fixes

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Image Credit : Godisageek

Right as the day time is winding straight down to a detailed, Grounded is releasing a little patch for players to install and test. Patch up-date 0.3.3 arrives with a smaller changelog than previous updates, but no less important. The latest patch with regard to Grounded’s Early Entry and Game Examine fixes a lot of game’s known issues and bugs, focusing on a handful of crashes and on making Xbox cloud saves more reliable and consistent.

Be sure to install the latest patch because soon as feasible, to avoid any issues with Xbox cloud saves becoming corrupted or unusable.

Grounded’s patch update 0.3.3 includes:

Major issues

Fixed accident with destroying Planks Pallet or Come Pallet building

Set crashes coping with Impair Save syncing within the Main Menu

Set random client accident when pickup upward items

Set issues with will save not properly posting or downloading through the Xbox Cloud leading to corrupted or even missing saved online game