Grounded has overtakes 5 million players as the Koi Pond update comes

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image Credit : Obsidian net

Obsidian Entertainment’s Survival game Grounded dispatched back in July and has gotten various updates, with the most recent adding the massive Koi Pond. Notwithstanding this new substance, Obsidian Entertainment shared today through Xbox Wire that Grounded has crossed 5 million players.

This comes after Grounded crossed 1millions players only two days after it dispatched. Grounded is being created by only 14 individuals at the studio and because of this new achievement, an interesting wager has played out, which you can see underneath.

There is a story mode in Grounded, which is proceeding to extend all through the early access time frame. There’s additionally a wealth of riddles to investigate, similar to the Hedge Lab.

Grounded is right now accessible in early access and another fix permits the game to run at 60 FPS on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which additionally dispatched today. This fix additionally brings altogether improved stacking times, with Xbox Series X proprietors getting greater shadows and further draw separations. Source : Windows central