Grounded 0.8.0 update and public early access

Grounded 0.8.0 update and public early access
Source: Devainart

The Grounded team teased their upcoming features update a week ago. Today, as guaranteed, Grounded is opening its Public Test ring for its next major release, the 0.8.0 March Content Update. This update isn’t just about as huge as previous content reports on a superficial level, yet incorporates some awesome highlights that have been mentioned by the local area since Grounded’s debut.

The feature of the show? A fresh Photo Mode is making its way in the 0.8.0 update, and committed Grounded players would now be able to test it out in the Public Test ring before the 0.8.0 March Content Update is released to Grounded’s early access.

Grounded is without a doubt probably the best game for Xbox Game Pass, and it merits an attempt in the event that you haven’t yet hopped into Obsidian Entertainment’s larger than world.

The full changelog for Grounded’s 0.8.0 Public Test incorporates:

New Features

Major highlights

Photo Mode: Phase 1

Secret phrase securing web based games

Creating content

New structure: Door Frame

New structures: Triangular Stem Wall and Inverted Triangular Stem Wall

Additional Features

when you are putting an invalid structure, a short message will depict why it is invalid

At the point when you are holding a Repair Tool, close by harmed structures will show a symbol

Free bolts can be gathered by strolling over them

Constructions will currently implode significantly more drastically when unsupported

The Armor Dummy UI presently has a catch that trades your stuff with the fakers. You can likewise do this without entering the UI by doing a “hold” cooperate activity on the Armor Dummy

when you are interfacing ziplines, the anchor that will be associated is featured

Player nameplates in multiplayer will show if a player is taken out and how long they have left to be helped

Player nameplates will show a “occupied” state above it when said player is exploring a menu

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Changes and tuning


Filthy water will presently apply a status impact that shows your character is wiped out. The more messy water you drink, the more terrible the impact gets. Resting will cause you to feel good.

Smoothie Station usefulness has been adjusted:

All smoothies currently require a “Goop Base” and 3 “Flavor Ingredients”

Goop Base decides the viability of the smoothie

Grub Goop makes a typical smoothie

Muscle Sprout makes a “bulky” smoothie that recuperates for double the sum

Flavor fixings can comprise of any mix of different things and has same usefulness as in the past


Decreased the harm decrease of “Adrenaline junkie”


More extraordinary battle music will play when battling arachnids

Tainted weevils presently move marginally quicker

Ladybugs have another arrangement of assaults to pick from

Improved the exactness of pointing with a bow utilizing the third-individual camera


Player nameplates will progress into more modest character symbols when not in the focal point of the screen

The Interact HUD has been patched up to help showing different cooperation types simultaneously


large sap knobs presently take more time to respawn than singular saps

“Base music” presently plays during the daytime also. Another track has been added explicitly for night “base music”


Designs will be more averse to be viewed as obstructed when put under static props like leaves

Dividers will presently regularly turn around corners they are snapped to when pivoted

Added the confronting assistant bolt to the Acorn Storage

Dew Collector formula and open changed: presently opens with woven web and requires woven web to construct


Smoothies have been supplanted with “Bulky” smoothies

Twofold the mending power as ordinary smoothies

Same reward status impact as typical smoothies

Require the equivalent “flavor” fixings as typical smoothies

Utilizations Muscle Sprout as a “base” rather than Grub Goop


Improved execution of games with enormous bases

Improved execution of games that have a ton of Storage Baskets or Storage Chests with symbols set

A small bunch of general CPU improvements added


Honey bees presently drop dust into the world as well as gathering it on their legs when pollinating blossoms

Implanted bolts not, at this point pop somewhat above where they hit

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Bug fixes

Top people group issues

Scaffolds will presently dependably be viewed as moored when they are worked to the cold earth from a higher place

The measure of dew that brings forth on grass every morning presently coordinates with the measure of dew that exists when you start another game (multiplied the current dew produce sum)

Big rocks should now respawn


Building migration will be dropped if another player puts a structure on the thing being moved

Network structures can at this point don’t be secured to tables

Steps are currently simpler to put on lopsided landscape

Hitting “w” while composing in the hall visit log no longer sends the message

Player nameplates are currently situated appropriately stature insightful when playing as a customer

Items / equipment / resources

The player can’t zip while swimming

Zipline Wall Anchor, Sap Dripper, and Stair Railings can at this point don’t be fabricated submerged

Zipline Wall Anchor, Sap Dripper, Stair Railings, Abomination Totem, Ant Head Totem, and Slime Mold Sconce can at this point don’t be worked inside different structures

Decreased volumetric dissipate power of Firefly Headlamp light pillar

Fix Tool works in “Gentle” mode

Splatburst currently adheres even to surfaces it impacts at a point


Fireflies should presently don’t stall out on the outside of the lake