Google Play Store bring new way of app rating for users

Google play store bring new way of app rating for users

Google play store App rating are only way for users to help others as they continued looking for the perfect app, however these ratings aren’t generally valuable for everyone. Somebody who has a low-end tablet, for instance, may encounter issues running an application that someone who has higher end phone wouldn’t insight. To address this, Google says it will before long change app rating to reflect the kinds of devices relevant to every user.

In the event that you’ve at any point downloaded an application from the Play Store that had some low rating about bugs and errors just to find that it runs entirely on your own device, you might have found the circumstance that arises when one app is free for different device form factors.

Google mentioned this issue on its Android Developers blog today, uncovering that it will before long show app ratings dependent on the kind of device the user introduced the app on, helping clients with tracking down the right app.

Beginning in mid 2022, Play Store users will see application rating that reflect the encounters of different users on similar gadgets. In case you’re using applications from a Chromebook, for instance, you’ll see application rating submitted by different user who installed the app on a Chromebook.

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The same goes for other form factors going from Wear OS to foldables. Google notes in its blog that development among tablet users has been ‘extremely strong,’ empowering developers to potentially refresh their app to run ideally on the kinds of device consumers are utilizing.

Any developer who will encounter an application rating change of more than 0.2 stars will be given somewhere around a 10-week heads up from Google before the changed rating go live, allowing the developing an opportunity to update their applications on the off chance that they trust it is necessary. In the mean time, Google Play Store will likewise begin showing ratings dependent on the client’s location in November. Source slashgear