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FIFA 21 quick access experience issues on Microsoft store EA play the begin

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FIFA 21 is only a couple of days away, coming October 9, 2020, but players that pre-ordered the Champion or Ultimate Version can access the game a little earlier than others. For a lot of players, this offers been a wonderful perk, but FIFA fans on Xbox or through EA Play happen to be operating into obstacles trying to access the game.

FIFA 21 is not appearing on EA Play for plenty of people, and we’ve even observed reports from the services crashing for clients, while players upon Xbox are working into a lot more problems with the Microsoft Store.

The Xbox support team provides acknowledged the problems and therefore are working in order to resolve them since quickly as achievable, but this could nevertheless be frustrating regarding players who had been awaiting this.

When you’re running directly into any of these types of problems, we’ve noticed reports that disregarding EA Play plus accessing the Microsoft Store directly may yield better outcomes, although you might need to refresh several times or wait around for the Shop to launch the FIFA 21 page. Ideally it’s not going to be as well long until just about all these issues are usually fixed.

If you are waiting for next-gen towards your hands on FIFA 21, digital editions of the game do support Dual Entitlement, so once FIFA 21’s next-gen update roll-outs, you’ll be able  the best version of the game on your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

Xbox Support has arrived at out on Tweets with further verification that the problems regarding FIFA 21’s earlier access appear to be related to the EA Perform app. While they don’t have a long lasting solution yet, this would describe why trying to load FIFA 21 directly from the Microsoft Store has fared better for players.

If you’re still having issues, trying searching “FIFA 21” directly from the Microsoft Shop, and patiently wait around for it to launch. Xbox Support will update us when they have a more long lasting fix or update.

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