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Do Animals have Humor ?

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  Laughing is the Reflection of the emotions such as happy, excitement and so on… it happens to humans only? No the movement of experiencing happiness and excitement are common to animals too. Most of the time we may look pets can enjoy the movement with lot of excitement when it meets the owner or its favourite persons. Especially a dog can enjoy more with humans. After seeing his owner dog started to jump over them shaking the tails licking their face and do very crazy things it is all of due to excitement. But it can’t laugh.

A Study says the monkeys and apes are the only animals that, like human beings, have zygomatic muscles – these are special Muscles on cheek bones, which enable laughing. Thus they too can laugh. But they laugh on reflex when tickled or when they play, and not because they have a sense of humour in the way human beings may have.

In  2009 Marina Davila Ross, a psychologist at the U.K’s University of Portsmouth, conducted experiments in which she tickled infant and Juvenile primates – such as orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees. The apes responded by laughing – technically called “tickle – induced vocalizations”.(net)

Many non human species able to give the sound like laughing because of their vocalization similarity. These are mostly in the mammal family. It is because of the neurological functions came early in the mammalian evolution.

Thus the laughing was the gift to human beings. Which helps us to overcome from the many stressful movements.

Animals may not laugh by the sense of humour. But it is no need for them to feel stress free. They live without stress as like as our early life which is coordinate with nature.    Source : Internet

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