Demo windows XP theme looks Mac Aqua UI

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Image Credit : Apple Insider

A current source code outflow reveals Microsoft constructed and tested several divergent themes regarding Windows XP, along with one closely similar to Apple’s legendary Aqua GUI.

Among the cache of Home windows XP source program code files that leaked out online Friday are usually a variety associated with unused, sometimes imperfect, UI themes Microsof designed for its earlier 2000s operating program, reports The Verge.

One theme, called “Candy, ” may be very acquainted to anyone who else has used the Mac running Mac pc OS X 10.0. Several UI factors closely look like or match Apple’s Aqua theme, the fact perhaps many apparent in sparkly, rounded window control keys designed to imitate droplets of drinking water.

Aqua debuted from the Macworld Meeting & Expo within 2000 and produced its way on to Mac per year afterwards. The theme utilizes a unique combo of depth by means of shadows, bright shades, translucency, rounded online assets and designs to create the appearance of water or gel seated on metal dishes.

Based on the Verge, “Candy” had been present in earlier source code regarding Or windows 7, with programmers utilizing the skin since a placeholder since they built out there the operating System theme engine. Data files refer to the theme as the “Whistler skin along with eye candy, inch and are designated as “for inner use only, inch the report states. Microsoft referred in order to Windows XP since “Whistler” ahead of the market debut.

Image Credit : Softonic

The Redmond, Wash., software program giant finally arrived on a azure, green and sterling silver theme called Luna. Although it incorporated dark areas and gradients in order to indicate depth, Luna lacked the translucency that Aqua supplied, so that it is more similar to traditional Home windows versions.

Apple and Microsoft have for many years battled in the  desktop operating program space, with every company trying to top the other upon features, functions plus style with every single new release. Since the most notable user-facing element, designs were often seen as a crucial differentiator. In latest years, however, primary has turned in order to more functional factors like reliability, safety and performance. Source : AppleInsider