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Dark Desire Season 2 Release Date

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The Mexican thriller web TV series Dark Desire has caused quite the feeling since its release on 15 july 1st 2020, on Netflix. The first and so far the only season has been able to reach a sizable huge of viewers around the world and also, it offers garnered mostly reviews that are positive from all. Enthusiasts are already taking a chance if the second season of the erotic-thriller is along the way.

Upon 15 July 2020, the 18 shows of the very first season of Dark Wish premiered on Netflix. Since then, it is often one of the most-watched series on the platform, among the top ten in many countries. This Mexican series has done particularly well in the Spanish-speaking regions of the world. Given the usual formula of Netflix, we can be somewhat certain that an additional season is happening.    

The series has experienced massive responses through the audience. Netflix will surely wish to cash in upon this positive reaction by offering an additional season of Darkish Desire. Also, anybody who has observed the very first season may surely understand that will the scope with regard to another season is unquestionably present since the finale of the first season has been so open-ended. Therefore, we may wish that once the current situation triggered by global outbreak improves, Netflix will certainly renew the collection.

The series offers been directed simply by Epigmenio Ibarra plus Kenya Márquez. The state synopsis on Netflix reads, “Married Alma spends a fateful weekend away through home that ignites passion but finishes in tragedy, creating her to query the truth regarding those near to the girl. ” Maite Perroni, Erik Hauser, Alejandro Spitzer, and Jorge Poza come in essential roles.

The Episodes So Far:

• It’s just sex

• One last night of passion

• What common people call love

• Love, that word

• What do you know about Darío Guerra?

• Are you missing the good old times?

• You messed with the wrong woman

• The tell-tale heart

• A wicked game of mirrors

• The beauty of a sudden death

• Nothing is what it seems

• We’ve messed up so much

• You were only an innocent victim

• Two truths and one lie

• We never talked about love

• Revelation 21:8… Fire is set upon his anger

• We kill what we love

• The answer was always there

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