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What u think about this?… this question itself creating some curiosity.

          Fishes are born in water…..  Lives in water……  Then how a fish drown? Of course  one kind of fish will drown .

  If it is stop swimming the great white shark could drown unlike all other fishes which can remain immobile in water. The white shark needs to swim constantly at the speed of thirty five kilometre per hour otherwise it would go straight down.  It is such a miracle to imagine it need swim throughout the lifetime.

Ok, its not that much miracle to you…. let we know how far it will live … how much it weights  and some other basic facts about sharks.. which give some new information’s and values the above fact….

One of the largest living organisms in water is sharks.  White shark is one of the giant fish. which is also well knows as “great white”, “ white shark”, or “white pointer”.  It seems in the all of the major oceans in the coastal surface waters.  It is surviving in the world for around four hundred and twenty years. There are more than three hundred and fifty different kinds of sharks.

  A adult grown female shark lengths maximum upto 6.1 meter to 6.4 meter and weighs upto 1900 kg – 2300 kg .  But some weights more than 2700 kgs. Coming to the younger ones, male lengths about 3.4 meter to 4.0 meters.   And the female one lengths measures minimum of 4.6 meter to 4.9 meters at the time of birth.

It is one of the longest living cartilaginous fishes currently surviving. Which has the lifespan of as long as 70 years or more.  In A study reports male sharks taking atleast twenty six years to get ready for reproduction that is for ovulation.

Some more additional facts about sharks

   So that huge giant fish have to swim  for nearly seventy years with the minimum of thirty five kilometre speed . Now it will definitely such a big thing to imagine. But still it survives…..

   It has no bones. But having strong and different kind of teeths. Because it is a predating animal . so teeth are the very important for their surveillance. In a lifetime almost thirty thousand tooth were grown for a shark. When the front teeth fell or broken   the jaw will work like a belt conveyor . so the back teeth come front and the new one grown in the backside.  This process will in progress till the death of a shark.

PC: National Geographic