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Blood and Treasure Season 2 Release date cast

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The American action-adventure show “Blood and Treasure” created by Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia first proven on May 21 , 2019 upon CBS is currently prepared with regard in order to a second season.

This brilliant activities series with the   perfect contact associated with episode provides the interesting switch from the  occupation of Danny McNamara, from a good F agent in order to some expert legal professional devoted to repatriating stolen art in addition a fantastic antiquities expert.

The info through the sequel continues to be heard back inside June 2019 by simply CBS but this specific too continues in order to be additional in order to the listing associated with delays caused simply by the pandemic. Although we are good about the launch from the sequel simply by 2021, no elegant announcement has been made on the release date.

The series with the 38: 83 minute playoff offers actions and adventure to the audience. The show looks to revolve around two main characters: One being a wonderful antiquities expert and the other a cunning art thief, that despite their distinctions team up in order to a catch the ruthless terrorist who else funds his strike through stolen value but have no clue exactly what this mission may put them directly into.

The lawyer and robber duo ending upward getting into a two-hundred-year-old battle for the cradle of civilization.

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Matt Brar as the brilliant antiquities expert Danny McNamara,

Lexi Vaziri as the thief and con woman Sophia Pernias,

James Kallis will be seen in the drama playing Hardwick.

Kevin Winter will play the role of Gwen Carlson,

Michael James as Aiden Shaw.

Oded Feher will be seen in the role of Karim Farooq.

Dr. Alicia Coppola will be seen playing Ana Castillo

And Mark Gagliardi will play the role of Father Chakali.
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