Captain America character is now available in Fortnite game

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The Captain America skin is now obtainable in Fortnite, Epic Games announced nowadays. He’s the most recent comic-themed skin to become additional to the well-known free-to-play battle royale game.

Captain America costs 2,000 V-bucks (about $20) from your Fortnite in-game store. If a person buy the skin, you’ll also obtain Captain 

America’s well-known shield, which is not just cosmetic — you’ll have the ability to put on it on your own as well as put it to use because a pickaxe in-game. Captain America’s protect has actually currently appeared hanging around prior to — you can wield it this past year because a special product in a restricted time Avengers-themed setting, however, you weren’t capable to buy this to wear when you wanted.

A New Captain America-themed fireworks emote for selling, which could be fun to check up to join independence on the Fortnite island this weekend. The emote is 300 V-bucks.
Fortnite has an extended history of offering skins based on popular comic guide characters. Deadpool was available included in final season’s battle move, and Aquaman will eventually be playable as part of this season’s fight pass. Epic Video games also sold Marvel’s Black Widow and Star-Lord as part of last year’s Avengers crossover and X-Force skins final season. Epic has offered DC skin, too, including Harley Quinn, Batman, and Catwoman.

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