Joker Maleware again back in Google Play store

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The Joker adware and spyware, which took money from people’s accounts by putting your signature on them on with premium subscribers, is back again on the Google Playstore, just weeks after 
Google told it won against the adware and spyware after a three-year-long battle. It’s one of the very most prolonged threats hurting the most popular app store, in accordance to Google, and now it’s back again.

A written report from cybersecurity company Check Stage claims new variants of the adware and spyware, termed Joker Dropper and Premium Autodialer Spyware was spotted in Google Play. The spyware made a comeback, by using old techniques employed PC malware to avoid recognition.

The up-to-date version of the Joker malware was reportedly capable to download additional malware to the device following the contaminated software were installed. The threat is the same as before — The malware subscribes you to premium services with no user’s knowledge.

The firm statements they have got found 11 such seemingly genuine applications that house the virus. The virus reportedly hides in the ‘essential information’ file every Android application compulsorily needs to have.

The statement also hit  the google play store for not doing less . We were able to detect numerous cases of Joker uploads on the every week basis to google play, all of these were got  by unsuspecting users.

The joker malware is tricky to detect google capital in adding play store protections got the check point from communicated person.
Google has out Google Play Safeguard to devices that run on Google-services to offer real-time safety against risks from applications downloaded from Google play.

Image Source: Sophos